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Spring GDG Meet Up

27 февраля 2020 г.
«DataArt», it компания
 Hello everyone,
GDG Kharkiv-Center inviting all to our Spring GDG Meet Up.


1) Illia Kaliuzhnyi, Senior Mobile Developer, DataArt
" Why business should consider Flutter for mobile development?"
The technology stack determines the future of a software product and one of the biggest challenges in mobile development is to choose it. Considering different alternatives you will definitely encounter Flutter, but does it worth your attention? The short answer: Yes!
The main purpose of the speech is to tell whether it makes sense to choose Flutter in 2020.

2) Ilyas Babayev, Senior Mobile Developer, DataArt
"Flutter - where we need it? why wee need it? What's in it for us?"
There are multiple areas where our clients want to see crossplatform solutions. For most mobile devs cross platform development is a nightmare with html js and dependency hell and they usually don't consider crossplatform solutions at all. Flutter brings us something new and different. The main purpose of the speech is to show you the basic understanding of flutter and show you the cases where it fits well.

For any questions: pr-kh@dataart.com

Language - Russian

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