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Ruby On 8

14 июня 2016 г.
«DataArt», it компания
 We invite all who are interested in Ruby to the eighth meeting of Ruby On, which will be held in Kharkov.

The meeting will have the following speakers:

Mikhail Bortnik, (Team Leader and Ruby developer in Akazoo)

Topic: Ruby in unusual environments
Typically Ruby is used as a web programming language. In this talk, an unusual application of Ruby will be demonstrated. Mikhail will show how to launch Ruby on MCUs and low-end systems.

About the speaker
Geek, software development addict, polyglot. In love with mRuby. Creator of Kottans.org coding school.

Andrey Savchenko, ( Technical Director, Aejis.eu)

Topic: KISS me gently
Ruby was created to make a programmer’s life easier, but some of us bring complexity and pain to Ruby again and again. Let’s make our code simple again.

About the speaker
Andrey is a very simple and open human being, and when not working his backside off, he takes part in various Ruby conferences and meet-ups like Euruko, Ruby Meditation, BRUG, Piter.rb, Pivorak and HotCode. A co-founder of Ruby Barcamp UA (changed recently to RubyMeditation) and RubyConfUA. His 10+ years of experience and positive personality make his talks humorous and very informative.

Stanislav Volovik ( Ruby Developer, DataArt)

Topic: Dead heavy web
Sometimes we forget about the small things. Simple ones.

About the speaker
Engineer, geek, pilot.

Check in:

Date: 25 June, 14:00
Place: Devichya str.,6 Education Hub “Spalah”
Participation is free. Registration is required and space is limited

For any questions contact :
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